Ben Franklin vs. The Dead Coats

Check out the project we (at Neo-Pangea) just spent the last three weeks working on. Definitely the quickest turnaround for this sort of game.

Ben Franklin versus The Dead Coats is a free, first-person zombie shooter built using Flare3D, utilizing Stage3D in Flash Player 11.


What Does It Mean To Be A Flash Platform Developer?

My thoughts exactly! Check out Sean's post on What Does It Mean To Be A Flash Platform Developer?

Well said Sean!

Mobile Adoption of Adobe Flash Platform in 2011

Reading Flash Alliance

Attention all Flash developers in the Reading, Pa area!!!

Be sure to check out the new Adobe Flash User Group in Reading. The Reading Flash Alliance is a group of Flash talent made up of local firms and freelancers who share ideas, knowledge, and talk shop. They are having a meeting next month and are giving away some prizes including a copy of Creative Suite 5. Pretty sick.

Go check 'em out.

My 2010 Resolution Fail

Ok so, in the beginning of 2010 I made a New Years resolution that I would learn one new thing each week and blog about it. Like most resolutions, it went for three weeks and then failed miserably. Now I would normally look at this as a failed attempt to commit to learning. However, the reason that I'm not able to keep up with this is because I am just too damn busy. I'm 6 months into my new job at Neo-Pangea, and loving it. We are developing some really awesome Flash applications that push the limits and are just down right bitchin'. So it goes without saying that I "am" learning more and more as we continue to kick ass for our clients.

I Agree

Hulk Yourself

This is part of my 2010 resolution of learning something new each week. I've been playing around with using ActionScript's BitmapData and FileReference classes.

Use your webcam to position yourself in the frame. Then you can save an image to your hard drive. I still need to tweak some things, like adding controls to adjust the brightness. Press the "BEGIN" button to Hulk Yourself.

Flash Resolution-Week 3: Google Maps API + iPhone GPS Tracking

To build on my previous post about the Google Maps ActionScript API, I wanted to track the position of my iPhone in real time. I came across the site After creating a free account with Instamapper and downloading their iPhone app from the Apple App Store, I was tracking my phone in no time. They have prebuilt maps that you can embed on your blog and even a Facebook application. Although I wanted to use my own map so I can have more control over the map. Instamapper has a simple little API that you can use to retrieve your information. A http call returns a string of all the data about your phone's location. Using a URLLoader to load in the request ( returns the data:

InstaMapper API v1.00
0071543339995,Demo car,1209252615,47.58822,-122.17969,25.0,27.7,349

The format of each record (seporated by commas) is as follows:

  1. Device key
  2. Device label
  3. Position timestamp in UTC (number of seconds since January 1, 1970)
  4. Latitude
  5. Longitude
  6. Altitude in meters
  7. Speed in meters / second
  8. Heading in degree

So using a split() method on the returned string, I could just parse the latitude and longitude coordinates and sent them to my Google map object. Here is a screen shot of my application. The only problem is that does not (yet) have a cross domain policy, which is not allowing the SWF on my server to access instamapper's server. Though it works just fine when run locally. So for now, this is just a proof of concept.

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